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The initial high-level requirements for this wrapper

Wrap the Fogbugz API with (a set of) C++ class(es) ( )

Version 0.1

- Programmatically create a fogbugz case
- Set title, content, "scout description", project for the case

Version 0.2

- Attach a file (specifically a minidump file)
- cross platform (Mac, Linux planned)

Version 1.0

- Full wrapper around the XML API - ala the .NET wrapper described by Fog Creek.


This wrapper uses libcurl for web communication. Users must download libcurl to be able to compile and run this project. We expect to make use of an environment variable to make the include and lib paths easy to set up and configure within our project(s).

Get libcurl here:

Fogbugz test account

Fogbugz account has been created and is free to use. Note that the account is shared.

user name: TestUser
password: testing

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